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SERCYPAA Bidding Process

The Council, at its meetings, shall have the sole authority in choosing the Conference sites - remembering the bid requirement of need being the most heavily weighed. Formal, walk-in, and token bids (see descriptions below) will be accepted Saturday morning at the Conference. In the event that no city presents a bid, or the Host Committee foresees the failure of the Conference, an emergency meeting of the Council Members shall be called with out delay. All past and present Council Members will be invited to attend in order to find a suitable site for the Conference or determine if the Conference should be suspended, and determine the subsequent fate of the Council and its functions.

SERCYPAA Bidding Requirements

Bidders must provide a concise statement illustrating the needs and hopes for the conference in their area as they interpret them.
A) Three AA people under forty (40) years of age with one (1) year of sobriety representing the bidding city.

B) Have commitments from at least two (2) hotels, if possible, including the date showing availability of banquet and speaking rooms in the hotel and proof whether the hotels require commitment as to the number of people attending.

C) Provide a permanent mailing address for the conference.

D) Assurance must be given that no large scale AA activity will be held within a thirty (30) day period before or after the conference date.

E) Prospective bidders will demonstrate financial capabilities and responsibilities within the traditions of AA as a whole.

F) The city hosting the next conference agrees to turn over all proceeds from their conference after expenses, to the S.E.R.C.Y.P.A.A. advisory council. This should be done within sixty (60) days after the conference.

G) There will be a maximum of thirty (30) minutes for the presentation of each bidding city.

H) The committee agrees that S.E.R.C.Y.P.A.A. does a better job of attracting younger people into the A.A. service structure when the majority of its conference speakers are 40 or younger.

I) The council will choose the conference site and will hear bids at its annual conference meetings.

Revised: July 29-31, 2005